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Private Chefs and Catering

Virgin Gorda has virtually any kind of food that your heart desires and the following chefs are pleased to cook special meals as well as selections from their whole repertoire of Caribbean cuisine.  Deli's are also a great way to make a meal on the fly and most of the island's restaurants will do take-out and delivery.

Puck (Chef)  and catering -   284-495-5277

Clarkie Morton (Chef) and Cynthia   284-495-5496

Caswell Pondt (Chef)  284-495-5754 or at work 284 495-5555

Erica (Chef)  284 - 543-3987

Chet Peters (chef) email or 284-443-2643

Martha Collymore - chef - 284-495-6436

Margaret Paul - (284) 495-5059/443-3295

Chef O'Neil Raymore email:  or 1-284- 341-0191

Aaron - Kiwi Cuisine - 284- 496-8536

Serene (Catering)  LSL Bake Shop 284-495-5151

Bath and Turtle (Catering) Yacht Harbour 284-495-5239

Island Concierge also offers a complete service including arranging for catered cocktail parties, weddings or simply in Villa dinners - 284-495-6382 or 284-495-5715

Virgin Gorda Grocery Stores 

There are several, high quality grocery stores in Spanish Town about 5 minutes away from the villa. Buck's and Riteway (formerly RTW) have modern premises and cater to North American and European tastes and are the main provisioning stops for the many high end yachts that moor in Yacht Harbor.  You can find almost anything you would like from French champagne to gourmet foods to "hamburger fixin's".  There is absolutely no need to bring foodstuffs with you from home to eat well in Virgin Gorda.   Prices are in the range of 5% to 10% higher than in the US or Canada for most foodstuffs due to shipping costs; however liquor, beer and cigarettes are in line with mainland prices. Served by regular container shipments from Florida most meat in grocery stores comes from the US and is of high quality.  More information about grocery stores in Virgin Gorda is available here